Got Trust?

It can hurt if you fall without people you trust surrounding you. Would your team catch you if you were falling? Do THEY trust you? Do YOU trust them?

Trust is an essential component of any healthy workplace culture and is built over time through consistent and transparent communication, fairness, and ethical behavior. Oftentimes, we don’t think about it enough.

Three Simple Words to Boost Engagement

I worked with a company with one of the simplest and most effective campaigns to boost employee engagement. I mean super simple. Ready for it? It was called "Just say Hi." I know, right? Super simple. But how many times have you walked down the hall, in your own head,...

Confident or Arrogant?

Do you hate working with people who think they are always right?  You know the ones.  No matter what the question, they ALWAYS have an answer.  They are direct.  Want to be correct. And want everyone around them to know how great they are.  Is this a good leader? Is...

My 2023 Book Goal – Leadership Lessons

My 2023 Book Goal – Leadership Lessons

  Today is January 9, 2023    I'm writing a book in 2023.  My goal is to have a draft manuscript by the end of 2023.  My bigger goal is to have the book published.  For those of you who know me, I'm a big fan of leadership.  It is amazing the power a good leader...