Here are three steps to make your team smarter by being a Multiplier.

1. Be a Talent Magnet: Attract and retain the best by recognizing the unique strengths and capabilities of individual team members and the collective team at large. Create an environment where your team can thrive. How do you do that? By creating opportunities. Provide challenging opportunities, delegate responsibilities, and empower team members to take ownership of their work. Encourage diverse perspectives and foster a culture of continuous learning and growth.

2. Amplify Others: Multipliers amplify the intelligence and capabilities of their team members by creating an environment that encourages collaboration and contribution. Listen better, ask smart question, and show your team members you value their input. Provide regular feedback and recognition, and celebrate the achievements of your team. Multipliers challenge team members to stretch their thinking and encourage them to take risks and learn from failures. (Not punish them for mistakes). By amplifying others, leaders can inspire creativity, innovation, and increase team performance.

3. Create Space for Thinking: Multipliers understand the importance of creating space for thinking and reflection. They avoid micromanaging and allow team members to have autonomy and own their own work. They provide the necessary resources, tools, and support for their team to grow, learn and thrive. They set clear expectations and priorities. Multipliers also promote an inclusive environment where employees feel safe to express their ideas and opinions. By creating space for thinking, you as a leader can foster a culture of innovation, problem-solving, and continuous improvement.

The OPPOSITE of a Multiplier is a Diminisher. It is the reverse. These are leaders who create drama, play favorites, don’t treat others fairly, make assumptions and create beliefs that do not serve the team, the individual leader or the organization. These are Lousy Leaders.

By being a talent magnet, amplifying others, and creating space for thinking, leaders can unleash the full potential of their teams, drive high performance, and achieve outstanding results. These are Legendary Leaders.

Are your leaders Multipliers or Diminishers?

Coach Krumpak
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