Today is January 9, 2023   

I’m writing a book in 2023.  My goal is to have a draft manuscript by the end of 2023.  My bigger goal is to have the book published.  For those of you who know me, I’m a big fan of leadership.  It is amazing the power a good leader can have, and how they can impact our lives, not just in the moment, but for years and years down the line.  I’ve been writing here and there for about four years, and this year, my goal is to take all my executive coaching and leadership coaching experience, and create a book.

I thought it might be interesting to keep a running log of what has happened, mostly as a way to look back and what happened to make this book a reality.

As of today, the working title is:  “Why Smart People Do Stupid Things:  Lessons Learned from Lousy Leaders.”  So much of what we have learned is by watching leaders fall down, make bad choices, and get into trouble.  While most of the leadership topics out there talk about what to do to be a great leader….there is another side, and that is learning lessons from BAD leaders (or lousy leaders) so we learn what NOT to do.  This book is a collection of real world stories of the bad things that past and current leaders do…to help us become stronger leaders (all of us) in the future.

I signed up for a program, and completed my first meeting.  Tonight is my second meeting, and there are meetings every week pretty much all year.  Tonight I’ll share my outline and ideas with my small group of others who are also writing a book.  And the program is led by an experience book development expert.  My goal is to write three hours a day.  We were told to find a place that is comfortable for us, that we can go to whenever we need to write.  I’m going to use my Airstream in the driveway to make this my creative space.  I am planning on having a webinar with the Small Business Administration/SCORE in late March….and I’m going to preview some of my content in the form of an interactive webinar to share some of my findings.  I’m also working on my plan for social media, to reflect some of the leaders and stories throughout the year.  Here is my description I created for the first webinar:  

Painfully honest.  Oftentimes humorous.  A gripping historical review of the worst leaders in history…past and present, and what we can learn from them to become better leaders.

Learn what NOT to do.

We will take a look at the worst leaders, and what are the critical lessons we can learn from them. 

You’ll receive a Legendary Leadership Model about those most critical leadership qualities to exhibit today to motivate others, inspire trust, build a team of followers, and increase your awareness and results as a leader. 

Learn three dimensions of leadership cultivation to increase your leadership magnetism, become a talent management for the best employees, and make a legendary impact in all you do.

Learn what TO do.

Fast track your leadership development journey and learn to grow yourself, your teams, and your business.

This should be a fun journey.  Lots to learn and figure out…mistakes to make and to recover and learn…but I’m looking forward to the creative experience to talk about leadership cultivation in new ways…and have some fun along the way.

Coach Krumpak