Mastering the Art of Networking with Your Trapper Keeper: 4 Game-Changing Tips to Elevate Your Networking Skills.

I’ve never come across someone who exclaimed, “I absolutely adore networking and can’t wait for the next event!” And let’s face it, neither have I. However, in my quest to step out of my comfort zone and embrace networking, I’ve stumbled upon a three valuable tips that I’d love to share with you. Trust me, this topic is in high demand among current and aspiring executives alike!

Networking, when done right, can unlock doors to innumerable opportunities and accelerate your journey toward accomplishing your goals. Whether it be finding new talent, building and expanding your business, finding a new career, or offering products and services, here are three tips to help you feel at ease while networking.

Four tips to help you feel at ease while networking.

  1. Begin with a clear intention: Visualize your desired success. Once the event is complete, what will you have? Will you aim to exchange five business cards, set up a lunch or coffee date, or find someone who needs your services? Gradually elevate your goals each time. Are you seeking a potential mentor, job opportunities, or simply yearning to expand your knowledge and forge new friendships? With a clear objective, conversations flow effortlessly, paving the way for meaningful connections.
  2. Prepare Conversation Starters: My favorite one I got from @DoriClark. “Hi. I don’t know anyone here and was hoping I could talk with you.” I’ve NEVER had anyone tell me no (neither has Dori). Some other good conversations starters are: “Hello, I’m Tina. What brings you to this event?” Another one is, “What are you looking for at today’s event?
  3. Open Your LinkedIn QR Code: Did you know that you can connect with people using your existing LinkedIn QR Code? It’s true! Simply open your LinkedIn mobile app and tap on the search bar. There, you’ll find a small QR picture – just give it a click. From that screen, you can either show your own code or scan someone else’s LinkedIn QR code. To be on the safe side, I even take a screenshot of my new contacts so I never lose them. Connecting with others on LinkedIn has never been easier or more enjoyable!

Yes, I said Trapper Keeper.

4. My Trapper Keeper System: My final tip that works well, is grab a sharpie marker, and write down the date and anything that you want to remember. Then, add it to your database. I staple each card to a blank piece of paper and I put it in my Trapper Keeper. (Yes, I said Trapper Keeper). And I write down if I email them, connect with them on LinkedIn and I review them every couple months.

(Note: Trapper Keepers are Optional)

Connecting with Others

Be Authentic:

Genuine connections stem from authenticity. Be yourself, share your passions, and show genuine interest in others. Remember, networking isn’t just about what you can gain, but also about what you can give.

Practice Makes Perfect:

Like any skill, networking gets easier with practice. Start with smaller events and work your way up. The more you network, the more comfortable it becomes.

Remember, the power of networking lies in its ability to connect you with individuals who can become mentors, partners, sounding boards or gateways to new opportunities. So, take a step forward and start building your network today!

All the Best,

Coach Krumpak

Coach Michael Krumpak is a multi-award winning white glove leadership, life, and career Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credentialed by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Find out more at and schedule your Discovery Call to begin to embark on a journey towards your better best – conquering any challenge that comes your way.