It hurts if you fall and the people around you don’t catch you.  Would your team catch you if you were falling? Do THEY trust you? Do YOU trust them?  

Trust is an essential component of any healthy workplace culture and is built over time through consistent and transparent communication, fairness, and ethical behavior. Oftentimes, we don’t think about it enough.

A high degree of trust in a team leads to a positive environment and higher productivity. When there is trust, employees feel supported, respected, and motivated, and they want to go over and above to achieve more.

When trust is low. Well, it creates a distracted and disengaged workforce that can lead to a toxic environment with high turnover and disengaged unproductive employees.  

Trust can make or break your organization.

As a leader, here’s how you can repair trust.

  1. Acknowledge issues. Amit where and how trust is broken. Don’t be a coward with this. BE COURAGEOUS.
  2. Share examples of where and how trust is needed, and share your expectations.
  3. Take accountability and responsibility. Your role as a leader is to establish, build, monitor, and repair trust issues.
  4. Listen with an open mind. Seek to understand what occurred. And show your support to build trust across your team or organization.
  5. Help your teams build improvement plans. Coach them to create plans and monitor progress and provide feedback showing you are invested in your team’s success.
  6. Follow up and Follow Through. Be consistent with your check-ins, one-on-ones, team meetings, and celebrate progress and success.
  7. Support trust building. Be patient and give it time.

By following these seven tips, you can help build trust with your colleagues and create a positive and productive work environment.