As we all celebrate the life of Tina Turner, I want to share some leadership strengths that Tina exemplified throughout her incredible journey, from a small-town girl in Nun Bush, Tennessee, to the iconic rock star she became.

She truly was “Simply the Best!”

Tina’s resiliency stands out above all else. Her ability to bounce back and rise above adversity is a valuable lesson for us leaders.

Despite a challenging childhood, racism, poverty, and a tumultuous relationship with her former husband, Ike Turner, she found strength within herself and overcame tremendous obstacles.

Just like when she boldly declared, “You better be good to me!”

Tina’s courage to break free from an abusive relationship showcased her determination and refusal to accept mistreatment. She left behind a sense of comfort and familiarity and pursued her passion for music.

Her journey taught us the importance of standing up for ourselves and saying “no” to toxic situations and people.

Through artistic expression and reinvention, Tina found joy and purpose. Like many of us who realize the need for career changes or personal rebuilding, Tina faced challenges transitioning to a solo artist.

The music industry doubted her, she faced financial struggles, and needed to reestablish her personal brand. Yet, like many of us, she persevered and pursued something better. To become simply the best.

Embracing resiliency and personal transformation, Tina fearlessly embarked on a path of self-discovery. She explored new musical styles, collaborated with others, and adapted as an artist.

Her willingness to grow and reinvent herself showcased her resilience and ability to embrace change even in the toughest times.

Reflecting on Tina Turner’s life offers us as leaders many valuable lessons.

Don’t tolerate hurt from others.
Refuse to stay in a bad situation out of comfort.
Be open to new experiences for finding happiness.
Cultivate strong partnerships, and seek peace and happiness through self-discovery.

In a world where we need role models, Tina Turner remains a true hero. And we can always need another hero.

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